Maradona says football is like Pandora’s box
Tuesday 13, Sep 2011

Argentine legend Diego Maradona said that football is like Pandora’s box, as he spoke about the Emirati Al Wasl club, which he is coaching. “Football is like Pandora’s box, you never know what surprises it has for you,” he told reporters in Dubai, adding that he wants his team to “be champions but all other teams want that as well.” He said he believes Al Wasl is moving on the right way despite its recent loss in friendly matches. Maradona added that he is happy with all the players and friendly matches were useful because they were a chance for players to know their mistakes and learn from them. When asked if he faces challenges regarding language or cultural differences, Maradona said that players seemed to get his messages clearly through the translators, adding that in football “all you need is respect.”

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