Lagerback bitter after Greece loss
Friday 18, Jun 2010

Nigeria coach Lars Lagerback seemed disillusioned after his 10 man side went down 2-1 to the Greeks. The turning point of the game came towards the end of the first half when Sani Keita was sent off for a stamp on one of the Greek players. Nigeria never recovered from that blow and squandered their one goal advantage to lose by 2-1 and virtually ensure elimination in the group stages. Speaking to the press after the match, Lagerback said:"It is difficult. Maybe I have been in this business too long. "I am extremely disappointed with the lack of communication between us and the referee. We were not allowed to speak to them and ask why Kaita was sent off." "All I can do is congratulate Greece, they scored two and we scored only one," continue the Swede. "We have to take this and restart tomorrow. The sending off was hugely important. Under the circumstances I am proud of the way we played with one man down. "The ball seems to be moving a bit strangely, but it is the same for both teams so it doesn't matter," concluded the 61-year-old alluding to goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama spill that led to Greece's winning goal. Enyeama himself, to his credit refused to dwell too much on the swerving nature of the ball. "The ball is the ball," he said. "I don't think it was so much my mistake as the ball moved strangely, but this is the ball we have been given and we have to play with. The ball will do much worse in other situations so it does not matter." "Against Greece we are counting on Messi to deliver for Argentina and for us. We have got to do our work in the meanwhile."

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