Italians lead cycling at YOG
Wednesday 18, Aug 2010

Italy emerged the leader of the pack after the first day of the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) cycling competition. Although the Italians did not top the boys and girls' mountain bike legs, Andrea Righettini's second-placed finish in the boys' competition and Alessia Bulleri's fourth spot in the girls' event were enough to give them the lead. The mountain bike leg saw the girls covering five laps totalling 15.5km. The boys had to cover a seven-lap distance of 21.7km Karolina Kalasova from the Czech Republic finished first for the girls in 46min 58sec while Jhonnatan Botero from Colombia was the first to cross the finish line for the boys in 58:42. Only one team gold is at stake in the YOG. The team event is made up of mountain bike, time trial, bmx and road race. Girls must compete in the mountain bike, time trial and BGMX events, while the boys only need to compete in one of these three events as well as the road race. The team that performs the best in all four disciplines wins the gold medal. Singapore's Nasthasia Nadiah finished in 22nd place out of 32 athletes, and Daniel Koh finished 30th out of 32 athletes.

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